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1 Temmuz 2013 Pazartesi

Turkey orders the Husky 2G two seats mine detection clearing vehicle from South Africa

July 1, 2013

Turkey has become the most recent customer to order Husky mine detection vehicles, with DCD Protected Mobility about to deliver four to the country. DCD Protected Mobility General Manager Andrew Mears said that Turkey had expressed interest in the company’s mine detection vehicles since 2004.

Turkey has placed an order, with three vehicles ready to be shipped and the last one on the production line. Mears said he hoped that all four vehicles would be ready to be shipped to Turkey next week.
The vehicle will be used on their southeastern border with Syria, Iran and Iraq, where Kurdish rebels have until recently been fighting for autonomy.

Turkey will receive the Husky 2G, a two-seat variant. The addition of a second on-board operator allows the Husky driver to focus on vehicle control and situational awareness, while the second operator monitors and analyses the advanced sensor systems and the operational environment.

The Husky (also known as Chubby System) is a mine clearing wheeled protected vehicle designed and manufactured by the South African Company DCD Protected Mobility. The Chubby System or Husky is a distinct versatile sensor platform which has been deployed around the world since the 1980’s.

The Husky 2G two-seater variant allows for a second person to be placed in the vehicle. This two-seater VMMD responds to the warfighter's immediate need to mitigate the risks of task overload on a single Husky operator, increases the Route Clearance Package's (RCP) ability to find and neutralise improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, and provides direct fire capability for the lead vehicle of the RCP.

Chubby (mine detection system)

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