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26 Ekim 2013 Cumartesi

KAI Proposes Smaller KF-X Design

October 28, 2013 By Minseok Kim, Bradley Perrett
Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology

Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) is pushing for South Korea to cut the technical challenges of its proposed KF-X fighter program, offering a single-engine concept that probably has a distant connection with the Lockheed Martin F-16. KAI's KFX-E design should be cheaper to develop and build than the larger proposals put forward by the Agency for Defense Development (ADD), the chief proponent of the KF-X.

Also much smaller than and more differentiated from the Lockheed Martin F-35, the KFX-E may offer the further advantage of minimizing competition from that U.S. stealth fighter. But it may have Lockheed Martin or other U.S. intellectual property in its design, exposing it to a foreign veto over sales or even development.
KF-X Alternatives

Weight, empty 9.3 metric tons (20,500 lb.)
Weight, max. 20.9 metric tons (46,000 lb.)
Internal fuel 3.6 metric tons (8,000 lb.)
Span 9.8 meters (32 ft.)
Length 15.2 meters (50 ft.)
Wing area 37.1 sq. meters (400 sq. ft.)
Engine 1 X P&W F100 or GE F110
Hardpoints 9
Weapons bay None

ADD C103
Weight, empty 10.9 metric tons (24,000 lb.)
Weight, max. 24 metric tons (53,000 lb.)
Internal fuel 5.4 metric tons (12,000 lb.)
Span 10.7 meters (35.2 ft.) Length 15.7 meters (51.3 ft.)
Wing area 42.7 sq. meters (460 sq. ft.)
Engine 2 X EJ200 or GE F414
Hardpoints 10
Weapons bay Space provided

Sources: Korea Aerospace Industries and Agency for Defense Development

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