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15 Şubat 2014 Cumartesi

Azerbaijan to purchase Turkish-made Roketsan UMTAS and OMTAS anti-tank missiles

February 15, 2014

Azerbaijan is purchasing UMTAS and OMTAS anti-tank missile complexes from Turkey.In January 2014, the Azerbaijan Press Agency APA, reports quoting military sources that these missiles are currently tested by Azerbaijani servicemen.

Representatives of ROKETSAN Company said that Azerbaijani servicemen highly estimated both missiles. These missiles can be used both on different vehicles and above ground.

Company officials said that one of Azerbaijani military institutions is interested in “Cirit” anti-tank missiles produced by ROKETSAN Company.

The TAM-LR (UMTAS) is an anti-tank missile developed by the Turkish Company Roketsan primarily for use from assault helicopters. TAM-LR is equipped with state of the art technologies making it effective against all armored threats of the modern battlefield.

UMTAS, with its Imaging Infrared Seeker and Laser Seeker options, is an antitank missile, having a range of 8 km and lock on before / after launch and “fire and forget / fire and update” properties, used against armored targets, from Air to Ground as well as Ground to Ground.

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