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13 Nisan 2014 Pazar

Greece to receive 460 M113s from US

01 April 2014 Theodore L Valmas, Athens - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly

The Greek Army has finalised the transfer of 460 M113A2 series armoured vehicles from the United States, delivery of which should be in batches in mid-2014.

The M113s are being transferred free of charge under the US Excess Defence Articles (EDA) programme, with Greece paying EUR4 million (USD5.5 million) for their transportation.

The vehicles will be inspected at the 304 Army Depot at Velestino before being forwarded to operational units.

Among the vehicles included in the transfer are M113A2 armoured personnel carriers, M577A2 command post vehicles, M901A2 Improved TOW launcher carriers, M106A2 mortar carriers, and M1059 smoke-generating vehicles.

Also in line for transfer later in the year are 320 Oshkosh HEMTT series trucks comprising M977 and -985 utility trucks and M978P1 fuel tankers.

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  1. Külüstür m113leri bunlara vermişler iyi olmuş. Bizim fnss çok daha güzellerini yapıyor çok şükür..