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7 Haziran 2014 Cumartesi

DCNS receives €1bn Corvette procurement order from Egypt

4 June 2014

French shipyard group DCNS has reportedly received a €1bn order from Egypt for four Gowind-class corvettes, fighting off competition from Germany's ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems and the Dutch Damen Schelde group. The scope of the contract includes two vessels with an option for two more, one of which will be built in France before being transported to Egypt, reported the French news agency La Tribune.

The DCNS Gowind 2,400t variant, selected by Egypt, will integrate the French shipyard's proprietary SETIS combat management system, in addition to MBDA's armaments, including MICA VL air-defence missiles and Exocet MM-40 anti-ship missiles. The latest order is the second for Gowind, with the first export contract received from Malaysia for six corvettes.

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