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28 Temmuz 2014 Pazartesi

Istanbul Shipyard to integrate OceanWorks’ SEVDS into Turkish Navy vessels

24 July 2014

OceanWorks International has received a contract from Istanbul Shipyard to deliver three submarine emergency ventilation and decompression systems (SEVDS) for integration into three specialist vessels, which are being built for the Turkish Navy. Scheduled to be delivered later this year, the SEVDS will provide fresh breathing air to survivors of a disabled submarine, as well as a controlled decompression, while removing the generated carbon dioxide (CO2).

Istanbul Shipyard is building three vessels for the Turkish Navy, including a submarine rescue mother ship (MOSHIP) and two rescue and towing ships, at its Tuzla shipyard.

They will use Rolls-Royce's tunnel thrusters and retractable thrusters, while the MOSHIP will also use Azipull main propulsion thrusters.

Mainly targeted at detecting submarines in distress, MOSHIP can support subsea and surface search and rescue missions in diverse sea conditions.

It features twin interconnected L-type SRV connectible pressure chambers for 32 rescues, and can treat diving diseases with post-modern decompression / recompression pressure chambers and extensive hospital facilities.

Furthermore, the vessel can be deployed for atmospheric diving suit (ADS) operations and submarine rescue chamber (SRC) operations, as well as personnel transfer capsule (PTC) and remote operated vehicle (ROV) operations.

The MOSHIP provides life support with ventilation and pod posting, and can be used to evacuate a submarine crew from depths of up to 600m.

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