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20 Eylül 2014 Cumartesi

Two nuclear submarines were sent for repair in Severodvinsk on the Northern Sea Route

September 9, 2014 Arctic-info

Two nuclear submarines were sent for repair in Severodvinsk on the Northern Sea Route

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for the first time provides a simultaneous transportation of two freighter cruising submarines K-391 "Bratsk" and K-295 "Samara" the Northern Sea Route from Kamchatka to # Severodvinsk.

"In Avachinskaya Bay August 23 loading was carried out two nuclear submarines" brotherly "and" Samara "to transport cargo ship large displacement for subsequent delivery of the Northern Sea Route in Severodvinsk," - said the press service of the Office of Information and the Defense Ministry. Escort cargo ship with two submarines on board during the difficult transition to the Northern Sea Route will be provided by nuclear-powered icebreakers. The arrival in Arkhangelsk # scheduled for the third decade of September.

After the modernization of multi-purpose submarines "brotherly" and "Samara" back under its own power in the points-based Pacific Fleet is fully updated and meets the requirements of speed, armament and noise for submarines of this class, highlighted by the Ministry of Defense.

By decision of the Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu nuclear submarines will be deep modernization at the shipyard "Zvezdochka". During the visit, Shoigu in the army and the Pacific Fleet stationed in Kamchatka, in March 2013 it became clear that the submarine "Bratsk" stood for six years in a floating dock "Northeastern repair center", but has not been repaired.

Nuclear submarine of project 971 "Pike-B" - K-391 - "Bratsk" and K-295 "Samara" - a series of multi-purpose Soviet submarines, designed by the same technical specification as the titanium boat project 945 "Barracuda", but with a steel hull . Built in 1983-2004 years, "Pike & B" became the main type of multi-purpose submarines in the Russian Navy.

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