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8 Eylül 2014 Pazartesi

Turkish missiles SOM will in future be an alternative for JASSM

September 4, 2014

MSPO 2014

During the 2014 International Defence Industry Republic of Turkey once again presented on its own booth, promoting the achievement of the national defense industry. Exposure Roketsan and its rockets SOM, attracted the most attention among Turkish exhibitors.

The main attraction of Turkish exhibition at the International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce, was presented by the company Roketsan maneuvering rocket SOM (Stand-Off Missile). It is a modern structure designed, inter alia, for use in aircraft F-4E and F-16. At the moment we have produced 10 different versions of the missile.

Poland should take into account the Turkish missiles SOM?

Promoted at the fair latest variant missiles SOM, codenamed B2 weighs 660 kg and is capable of carrying warheads weighing 230 kg. SOM missile has a range of B2 order of 300 km, but the result is to be in the future increased to nearly 500 km. According to the declarations of the manufacturer's rocket hits the target with an accuracy of 5-10 meters.

SOM missiles are of particular interest due to the fact that breaking the monopoly of American manufacturers to supply missiles Lockheed Martin. The missiles SOM spoken primarily in terms of alternatives to missile AGM-158 JASSM, which will soon come to equip the Polish F-16 aircraft. Turkish missiles SOM in the future may indeed represent a weapon as effective as the American counterpart while also cheaper.

Apart from the Turkish missiles SOM on the show popular were also exhibitions Cirit controlled missiles and guns: Sniper MKE Bora-12 and Assault MKEK MPT-76. BORA-12

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