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16 Mart 2015 Pazartesi

Turkish jets intercept Russian plane over Black Sea

March/15/2015 ANKARA – Anadolu Agency

Turkish fighter jets intercepted a Russian plane which was flying parallel to Turkish air space over the Black Sea on March 15.

Turkish F-16 jets which took off from Bandırma and Merzifon air bases intercepted a Russian IL-20 plane, which later left Black Sea air space near Georgia, the General Staff said in a statement released pm its website.

“A Russian plane flew in international air space in the Black Sea in parallel to Turkish air space on a west-east route almost 12-25 nautical miles from the Turkish coast. Two F-16 jets from the scramble branch took off from Bandırma and intercepted the Russian place northwest of Kırklareli province and then monitored [it]. Two other F-16 scramble branches which took off from Merzifon also participated in monitoring the plane. The Russian plane left the Black Sea near Georgia,” said the statement.

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