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5 Mayıs 2015 Salı

Supplies of Antey-2500 missiles to Turkey fully within its powers to decide

MOSCOW , May 5 2015 , TASS

Possible supplies of the Antey-2500 antiaircraft missile systems to Turkey stay fully within the latter country’s powers to decide, Anatoly Aksyonov who chairs a delegation of the Russian state weaponry exporting corporation to the 12th international defence industry fair IDEF’15 told TASS.

IDEF’15 will be held in Istanbul from May 5 through to May 8. It organizers say more than 700 companies from 46 countries will be represented. The largest displays are those of Turkey with 265 companies and the US (101 companies). German, British and French pavilions at the fair will also be impressive.

Russia will be represented by the state corporation Rotech and its subsidiary, Rosoboronexport.

In September 2013, the Turkish Defence Industry Executive Committee crossed Rosoboronexport out of the list of participants in a bidding contest for supplying long-range antiaircraft missile systems under the T-LORAMIDS programme, Aksyonov recalled.

In the light of it, the possibilities of such supplies stay much rather within the scope of decision-making powers of the Turkish side," he said. On September 2014, the committee secretariat decided to continue detailed talks on the issue with the Chinese company manufacturing FD-2000 complexes. Along with it, the Turks drew up a shortlist where the Chinese option occupies the top position, the US stands second with the Patriot missiles and the SMART systems manufactured by the Italian-French corporation Eurosam turned up at the third place.

The Antey-2500 complexes were also put up for the bidding but it withdrew from the contest upon studying the proposals.

Turkish Army plans getting twelve complexes at the first stage of the project and to pay $ 3.5 billion to $ 4.0 billion for them.

Turkey is expected to take the final decision upon the end of talks with the participants on the transfers of technologies and other crucial matters upon the end of talks.

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