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10 Eylül 2015 Perşembe

Russian Black Sea Fleet air arm receives two more Su-30SM fighters


The air branch of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has received two more Su-30SM multirole fighters, advanced aircraft designed to replace Su-24 tactical bombers currently the fleet's mainstay.

Several more planes will be delivered, enabling an air squadron to be activated in the near future, Vyacheslav Trukhachov, fleet press office chief, said on Friday.

The fleet had already received three Su-30SMs, he said. Three groups of pilots from the air branch had been trained to fly them. "The separate naval attack air regiment of the Black Sea Fleet has received two more Su-30SM sophisticated multirole fighters," the spokesman said. "The aircraft have arrived at their home station in the Crimea and are being prepared for flights under the advanced hardware familiarisation program."

Russian Naval Aviation

Black Sea Fleet Air Arm – HQ Sevastopol (status in 2010)

25th Independent Anti-submarine Helicopter Regiment - HQ at Kacha, Crimea - ~20 helicopters of types Ka-27 and Mi-14 917th Independent Composite Air Regiment - HQ at Kacha, Crimea - ~10x Antonov transport aircraft of types An-2, An-12 and An-26; 4x Be-12; ~10x Mi-8

43rd Independent Naval Shturmovik (Assault) Air Squadron - HQ at Gvardeyskoye, Crimea - 18x Su-24M; 4x Su-24MR;

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