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22 Ekim 2015 Perşembe

Repair of Pump-Jet Equipped Kilo Class Diesel-Electric Submarine Alrosa to be completed in 2015

22 October 2015 navyrecognition

According to Russia's governmental procurement website, the 13th Shipyard in Sevastopol is planning to complete the repair of the Project 877V Kilo-class B-871 Alrosa diesel-electric submarine in 2015. The repair and upgrade will enable the submarine to operate with the Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet until 2020. Then the boat will have to get back to the dock of the 13th Shipyard again.

The Project 877V Alrosa is the only Kilo-class submarine fitted with a pump-jet system instead of the standard propeller. A pump-jet allows for higher speed before the onset of cavitation and lower acoustic signature.

The Alrosa was laid down in 1988 and commissioned into service in 1990. For a while, it had been the only operational submarine of the Black Sea Fleet. The Alrosa has an underwater displacement of 3,950 tons, a length of 76.2 m, a submerged speed of 17 knots and an endurance of 45 days. The submarine carries six 533-mm torpedo tubes and a crew of 52.

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