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3 Kasım 2015 Salı

Roketsan of Turkey presents its full range of missiles and rockets during Defense & Security 2015

Monday, 02 November

The Turkish Company Roketsan, one of the main leader in the world for the production of rockets and missile systems presents its full range of products for the Asian market at the International Defense Exhibition in Thailand, Defense and Security 2015.

At the booth of Roketsan visitors and delegations from Thailand but also from other countries in the region can see the latest technologies and innovation designed and manufactured by Roketsan including the SOM-J first Turkish-made long-range, autonomous, high-precision air-to-surface cruise missile.

The missile is highly effective against moving land / surface targets, high-value stationary targets, strategic assets, shelters, exposed aircraft, aircraft hangars, and command and control centres, as well as sea surface threats. It has resistance against countermeasures as well as clutter effects.

The advanced SOM-J variant is jointly developed, produced, marketed, and sold by Lockheed Martin and Roketsan. The first stage of SOM-J is scheduled for completion in 2018.

The SOM-J is intended to provide anti-surface warfare capabilities to the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter that will enter in service with the Turkish Air Force in the next few years.

Another product showed by Roketsan at Defense and Security 2015 is the UMTAS anti-tank missile. Long Range Antitank Missile System known as “UMTAS” has been designed to fulfill the requirements of attack helicopters against modern tanks with heavy armor penetration.

The system is capable of operating in all weather and day/night conditions with “Fire and Forget” and “Fire and Update” modes with a maximum range of 8 km. UMTAS with the flexibility provided by its Lock-On-Before Launch, Lock-On-After Launch, Lock-On-Update capabilities, offers extensive engagement to targets behind the mask position with adjustable hit point and enabling damage assesment.

UMTAS comes in two versions, primary version is equipped with Laser Seeker and the follow-up version will home an Imaging Infra-Red (IIR) Seeker to be used from a common launcher. Both are equipped with state of the art technologies making it effective against all armoured threats of the modern battlefield.

The development and qualification phases of the Laser version L-UMTAS have been completed. Previously, L-UMTAS has demonstrated its capability from T – 129 ATAK helicopter against land targets and recently L-UMTAS has been fired from SH-60 to a target on sea . With the success of these firing tests, L-UMTAS production has been started for the Turkish Armed Forces to be delivered within 2015.

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