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11 Aralık 2015 Cuma

First Egyptian Navy 209/1400 Class Submarine “S41” Named and Launched at TKMS Kiel

10 December 2015

The first 209/1400 class submarine (Yard No. 447) for the Navy of the Arabic Republic of Egypt was named and launched at the shipyard of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems in Kiel today. This marks an important milestone in the ongoing submarine programme for the Egyptian Navy. “S41” is the first of four submarines. Production of the first submarine started in Kiel. Since then, the construction program has proceeded to schedule and achieved a first important milestone with today's naming ceremony and launching.

The ceremony has been attended by Vice Admiral Rainer Brinkmann, Deputy Chief of Staff of the German navy, the Mayor of Kiel, top German officials, the Egyptian Ambassador in Berlin, the Egyptian Consul General in Hamburg, the Egyptian Defence Attaché and a delegation from the Egyptian navy.

According to TKMS, the HDW Class 209/1400mod submarine is the most recent version of the HDW Class 209 "family" in a line of 63 boats contracted with 14 customer navies. Like all its predecessors, HDW Class 209/1400mod is a compact and reliable submarine featuring most recent technology, high combat strength, extraordinary battery payload and low signatures. Its comprehensive mission profiles include not only maritime defence and conflict prevention, but also surveillance and intelligence gathering tasks. It is also ideally suited for Special Forces operation missions.

In order to increase their indiscretion rate, HDW Class 209 boats may be equipped with a HDW fuel cell plug-in section for air-independent submarine propulsion. Such integration can be carried out during a regular midlife modernisation and leads to a considerable increase in submerged endurance.

Technical Data LOA ~ 62 m Pressure hull ø ~ 6.2 m Surface displ. ~ 1,450 t Height incl. sail ~ 12.5 m Weapon tubes 8 Crew 30

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