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28 Haziran 2016 Salı

Rheinmetall from Germany unveils new 130mm/L51 gun to counter to new modern combat vehicles

28 June 2016 Armyrecognition

At Eurosatory 2016, the German Company Rheinmetall unveils its new 130mm/L51 gun to counter new Russian combat vehicles based on the Armata heavy tracked platform. Prompted by initial considerations for a future MBT, Rheinmetall's Weapons and Ammunition division launched a company-financed 130mm demonstrator programme last year to confirm the anticipated significant increase in performance against modern threats.

The new Rheinmetall 130mm/L51 could be a new upgrade component for the Leopard 2 main battle tank. At Eurosatory 2016 Rheinmetall is presenting concepts for enhancing the firepower of present and future main battle tanks.

This 130mm/L51 weighs (without mounting components) 3,000 kilograms, while the current barrel length is 6,630 mm. In coming months, the 130mm/L51 gun will undergo comprehensive testing which is expected to confirm a quantum leap in performance compared with the tank main armament currently in use. A Leopard 2 successor vehicle would thus be capable of successfully engaging better-protected opponents in duel situations at larger ranges with superior firepower.

According Rheinmetall MBT development road map, the gun will also be used in new Main Ground Combat System (MGCS), being developed by Rheinmetall. Officials from the Company told that the increase of the caliber to 130 mm enhances the gun`s armour-piercing capability by half.

To complement the new weapon, Rheinmetall is developing new 130 mm armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) round with elongated rod penetrator, which is supposed to be made of new tungsten alloy. The new APFSDS round also features semi-combustible cartridge case and new propellant.

The German Company Rheinmetall is intending to develop new 130 mm high-explosive air-bursting (HE AB) round that is planned to replace DM11 HE AB round, which is fired by Rheinmetall`s 120 mm L/44 and L/55 tank guns. According to the company`s representatives, both APFSDS and HE ABM rounds will be in high demand at the global arms market. The new gun will be able to eliminate newest T-14 Armata MBT and T-15 heavy infantry fighting vehicles (HIFV), they pointed out.

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