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16 Eylül 2016 Cuma

Roketsan unveils new 122 mm guided artillery missile

16 September 2016 / Robin Hughes, London - IHS Jane's Missiles & Rockets

Roketsan is in the final qualification stages of a new, guided addition to its 122 mm calibre family (TR-122/TRB-122) of surface-to-surface artillery rockets. Designated TRG-122, Roketsan classifies the effector as a guided artillery missile because of its incorporation of a satellite navigation-aided guidance package.

Roketsan's unveiled its new TRG-122 122 mm artillery missile at the MSPO defence exhibition, in Kielce, Poland, in September 2016. (Robin Hughes)

Unveiled at the MSPO Exhibition in Kielce, Poland, in September, the design, development, and qualification trials of the TRG-122 have been funded exclusively by Roketsan. In development with Roketsan since mid-2015, the new effector leverages technologies from the company's existing class of 122 mm rockets along with a parallel development of a satellite navigation guidance package originally developed for the 300 mm calibre TRG-300 (Kaplan/Tiger) surface-to-surface missile. Qualification of the TRG-300 was finalised in late 2015.

Including the 18.4 kg high explosive (HE) or steel ball blast fragmentation warhead, the all-up TRG-122 round weighs 72 kg. Equipped with a Roketsan-developed proximity fuze (with point detonating back-up), the effective lethality radius of the warhead is given as more than or equal to 20 m (HE fragmentation) and more than or equal to 30 m (steel ball). The TRG-122 utilises the same composite solid propellant rocket motor and tail assembly used in its existing 122 mm rocket family. The missile's flight trajectory is corrected by electro-mechanically actuated aerodynamic surfaces located in the nose of missile, with guidance delivered by a satellite navigation-aided system. Roketsan is offering GNSS (GPS/GLONASS), GPS, and GLONASS satellite navigation packages, depending on customer preference.

Minimum range is given as 16 km, maximum range 35 km, and accuracy, in terms of circular error probable (CEP), as less than 50 m. Qualification of the missile is expected to be finalised by mid-2017, Dr Mahir Çakiroglu, director of Ballistic Systems Programmes at Roketsan, told IHS Jane's.

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