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2 Mart 2017 Perşembe

Turkish LHD programme gathers momentum

27 February 2017 -Michele Capeleto, Abu Dhabi - IHS Jane's Navy International

Turkish shipbuilder SEDEF has told Jane's that the Turkish Navy should have its new landing helicopter dock (LHD) two years earlier than originally expected and confirmed that the company is currently in negotiations to build a second LHD.

SEDEF's defence industry manager Selim Bugdanoglu told Jane's that at the moment a formal tender for the second vessel "is planned for around the date of launch for [first-in-class vessel] Anadolu", which is currently set for January 2019.

The project's roots stretch back just over a decade, to a Request for Information that was issued in April 2007, followed by local bid submissions in early 2010 and the selection of a joint SEDEF/Navantia proposal in late December 2013.

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